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Benefits of Staging A Home For Sale

Learn what it means to stage your home and the benefits of staging. You will see how staging draws buyers and sells homes faster.
Post by Jenny Ergle

Benefits of Staging Your Home

Staging a home for sale is the use of style and furnishings to create an attractive environment where potential buyers see themselves living.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

Homes that are professionally staged sell up to 72% faster than comparable unstaged homes. Selling a home is stressful to homeowners. Less time on the market and a quick sale are the ultimate stress reducer.

Stagers are Trained

Based on snippets of knowledge from television and social media, homeowners often believe they know staging enough to do it on their own. Unfortunately, this is rarely true. When you have lived in a space, you are familiar with the way it looks and smells. It is difficult to see through the eyes of buyers. This is one of many ways a professional stager adds value. Don’t let it hurt your feelings when your stager tells you to store most of the contents of your home. We are successful because we know how to show the best features of your home and that may not include your grandmother’s loveseat.

Buyers See Themselves in a Staged Home

Staging makes the purpose of each room obvious. A home office will feature a desk and accessories and the iron and ironing board will be in the laundry room, not the guest bedroom. The beautiful hand-made crib in your living room may have held multiple generations of your family in blissful slumber, but potential buyers should see the living room alone.

Staging Is Not Decorating

It is easy to confuse staging and decorating. The design of your beautifully decorated bonus room was to specifically complement your lifestyle. Stagers are trained to remove the personality of the homeowner. The result is a product that is marketable to the most potential buyers.

Some home staging buzz is encouraging and some leaves us scratching our heads. Professional stagers are often challenged to work around misunderstandings, fear, and unrealistic expectations. Never fear because our friends at HGTV have some words of wisdom.

Jenny Ergle

Author: certified home stager, published learning and development professional, professional photographer, actress
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